Keith in Bridge Ward

I am a banking and communications professional with 20 years of City and business experience and a former Director of Communications with NatWest Group. I'm passionate about the City of London and want to help the businesses and people who live and work in the square mile to have every opportunity to thrive and be as successful as possible.

My priorities for 2021, as your elected representative on the City of London Corporation, are:

1. Recovery and promotion of the City as a place to do business
I sit on the Policy and Resources Committee as Vice Chairman and the Public Relations and Economic Development Committee of the City Corporation. Support for SMEs through the pandemic has been a vital area of focus for me and this will continue through the recovery and return to the City. I have continued to press for support for SMEs and start-ups in the City. It is vital that the Square Mile remains internationally competitive and locally vibrant and I am committed to ensuring that the City is the world’s most innovative, inclusive and sustainable business ecosystem, and an attractive place to work, live, learn and visit.

2. Addressing social issues 
I invite Ward businesses to meet on a regular basis to discuss business and social Issues for example RSA hosted a discussion on Homelessness and Rough Sleeping in the City at my request. I am involved in opening up opportunities for young people through providing experience of work and career advice. I am Chairman of Partnership for Young London and, as a Governor of two of the City Corporation sponsored schools, I will continue to devote time and attention to youth opportunity in London where youth unemployment is again a huge issue made worse by the pandemic. Social mobility needs to improve further as a key driver of delivering opportunity for young people. I have been directly involved with the HM Treasury Skills Taskforce with former MP Mark Hoban.

 3. Improving safety, health and amenity
The City's transportation response to pandemic has been fast and determined in giving more space for pedestrians and cyclists on the streets. As we plan for the recovery I will ensure that the needs of all the City’s stakeholders are understood and a balance is stuck in meeting those needs. I have focussed specifically on the vital importance of tackling air quality, speaking publicly in my role as Chairman of City's Port Health and Environment Committee on a number of occasions. The City was becoming increasingly congested and I pressed for the formulation of a Transport Strategy for the Square Mile through my membership of the Planning & Transportation Committee as well as asking our Police and others in the City to educate and enforce where necessary to promote good road behaviour by all. I took a lead role as Vice Chairman of Policy through the summer of 2020 in the development of the Climate Action Strategy. I will be holding the Corporation firmly to account for its delivery.  

4. Open spaces and cultural spots
There must be more open green spaces in the City and better public realm for people to enjoy during the working day especially celebrating London’s heritage and culture. The significant improvements to the area around the historic Monument in our Ward have made a big difference. I would also like to see the riverside in our Ward enhanced and improved through re-development which I am actively involved in at present.  

5. Policing
A high-quality, well-funded, police capability is vital in today’s world. Threat levels remain high and counter terrorism is clearly a vital element of policing today, where the City's Force has, and does, play an integrated role. The City is unique in having its own Police Force. I am a member of the Police Authority Board. The City Police at lead force for economic and cyber crime. I'm keen that vulnerable people are prioritised in policing, whether as victims of physical or economic crime and fraud.

March 2015 survey results and riverside strategy

Keith Bottomley - Common Councilman for Bridge and Bridge Without Ward, City of London

Guildhall Civic Lunch

In this update I cover the results of the survey of electors that I  conducted in March 2015 and talk about the Thames Riverside Strategy in relation to Bridge Ward.

I spent 4 months talking with the people and businesses of the Ward before being elected - those who live and work here or have a connection with the Ward.

In this video, filmed in June 2015, I give my view on the issues in Bridge Ward, the big challenges facing the City of London, my passion for serving as a Common Councilman and the commitments and difference that I want to make.

If you represent a business, work or live in the Ward I am keen to know what the issues are for you and what you think can be done to improve things in the City and in the Ward.

As Chairman of Broad Street Ward Club I played host to the future Lord Mayor, Alderman and Sheriff Dr Andrew Parmley and 200 other guests at Guildhall in November 2014 to celebrate the election of the new Lord Mayor. 

Latest news

I invited the City Corporation to help me to bring businesses together in our Ward to discuss Youth Unemployment at Vanquis Bank. Watch the video to find out more.

In this video I talk about Bridge Ward in the City of London and my passion for first standing to represent the Ward as a Councilman in 2015.

A passion for the City of London and the role of Common Councilman

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