If you represent a business, work or live in the Ward I am keen to know what the issues are for you and what you think can be done to improve things in the City and in the Ward.

I spent 4 months talking with the people and businesses of the Ward before being elected - those who live and work here or have a connection with the Ward.

In this video, filmed in June 2015, I give my view on the issues in Bridge Ward, the big challenges facing the City of London, my passion for serving as a Common Councilman and the commitments and difference that I want to make.

A passion for the City of London and the role of Common Councilman

March 2015 survey results and riverside strategy

In this video I talk about Bridge Ward in the City of London and my passion for first standing to represent the Ward as a Councilman in 2015.

I am a banking and communications professional with 20 years of City and business experience. My most recent role was as Director of Communications for the de-merger of Williams and Glyn from RBS. I'm passionate about the City of London and want to help the businesses and people who live and work in the square mile to have every opportunity to thrive and be as successful as possible.

Keith in Bridge Ward

As Chairman of Broad Street Ward Club I played host to the now Lord Mayor, Alderman and Sheriff Dr Andrew Parmley and 200 other guests at Guildhall in November 2014 to celebrate the election of the new Lord Mayor. 

In this update I cover the results of the survey of electors that I  conducted in March 2015 and talk about the Thames Riverside Strategy in relation to Bridge Ward.

I invited the City Corporation to help me to bring businesses together in our Ward to discuss Youth Unemployment at Vanquis Bank. Watch the video to find out more.

Find out about the improvement of the area around the Monument in our Ward

Latest news

Guildhall Civic Lunch

Keith Bottomley - Common Councilman for Bridge and Bridge Without Ward, City of London

My priorities for 2019, as your elected representative on the City of London Corporation, are:

1. Promoting the City as a place to do business

I continue to represent the voice of business on Brexit to the City Corporation, particularly through my role on the Public Relations and Economic Development Committee. I will continue to consult business and ensure that the voice of the Ward’s businesses is heard. I have continued to press for increased availability of small affordable office space for SMEs and start-ups in the City. We are delighted that Wells Fargo are consolidating their London presence in Bridge Ward and will be moving in to the fine new building at 33 King William Street, next to Fishmongers' Hall, in February this year.    

2. Addressing social issues 

Following on from successful Ward meetings that I've organised, Ward businesses met again in January this year to discuss how the opportunities for young people can be improved especially through providing experience of work and career advice. I am Chairman of Partnership for Young London and, as a Governor of two of the City Corporation sponsored schools, I will continue to devote time and attention to youth opportunity in London where unemployment, whilst reduced, is still 3 times the national total unemployment level and social mobility needs to improve. 

3. Improving safety and amenity

With a growing working population set to rise to near 600,000 by 2030, I am concerned that the needs of all the City’s stakeholders are understood and a balance is stuck in meeting those needs. I have focussed specifically on the vital importance of tackling air quality, speaking publicly in my role as Deputy Chairman of City's Port Health and Environment Committee. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/air-quality-global-health-crisis-keith-bottomley-cc/ Everyone needs to get around the City safely and easily, particularly pedestrians. The City is becoming increasingly congested and I will press for a strategic solution through my membership of the Planning & Transportation Committee as well as work with Police and others in the City to educate and enforce where necessary to promote good road behaviour by all.  

4. Open spaces and cultural spots

I’d like to see more open green spaces for people to enjoy during the working day especially celebrating London’s heritage and culture. The significant improvements to the area around the historic Monument have made a big difference to this part of our Ward. I would also like to see the riverside in our Ward enhanced and improved through potential re-development.  

5. Policing

 A high-quality, well-funded, police capability is vital in today’s world. Threat levels remain at severe and counter terrorism is clearly a vital element of policing today, where the City's Force has, and does, play an integrated role. The City is unique in having its own police force. I was elected to the Police Committee 2 years ago and also sit on the Economic Crime Board. Fraud, economic and cyber crime are growing and serious areas of crime, much of which goes unreported. I'm also keen that vulnerable people are prioritised in policing, whether as victims of physical or economic crime.